Tens of thousands of patients get treatment in coming years due to expansion of cooperation NRG|PALLAS and Curium

Tens of thousands of patients get treatment in coming years due to expansion of cooperation NRG|PALLAS and Curium

30 May 2024

Signing of contact by Frank de Lange  (Managing Director Curium Netherlands) and Bertholt Leeftink (CEO NRG)

NRGIPALLAS and Curium have signed a long-term agreement to expand the current cooperation to include the production of lutetium-177 (Lu-177). This will enable Curium to supply about 70,000 doses of Lu-177 annually, which will help about 14,000 patients per year.

Curium and NRG I PALLAS have been partners in the production of key medical isotopes since mid-nineties. The treatment isotope Lutetium will be added to the products already produced in Petten, saysBertholt Leeftink, CEO NRG I PALLAS. “The expansion of our cooperation with new irradiation services ensures a continuous supply of Lutetium for patients worldwide.”

Significant difference for patients

Lutetium makes a significant difference for patients with neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) and (metastatic) prostate cancer when it comes to life expectancy and quality of life. Beyond prostate cancer and NETs, Lu-177 is also being used in (pre)clinical trials in many other indications, which will be beneficial for more patients in the long-term.

NRG I PALLAS already produces lutetium for other partners, and is now expanding that with this partnership with Curium. Vinod Ramnandanlal, Commercial Director NRG I PALLAS: “This fits with our aim to get more nuclear medicines available to patients faster. This will help meet the growing demand for Lu-177 around the world.”

No time lost

NRG I PALLAS is operator of the HFR reactor that produces multiple isotopes for the diagnosis and treatment of various cancers and heart diseases. NRGIPALLAS' HFR reactor and Curium's Lu-177 production facility are both located at the Energy & Health Campus in Petten, which means that no time is lost in the production of lutetium (half-life) and the nuclear medicine can reach patients in Dutch and other hospitals as quickly as possible.

Curium's access to the capacity of the HFR allows the company to reliably meet the demand for Lu-177 products as well as meet the growing need.

To support its Lu-177 product platform, Curium is currently installing several Lu-177 production lines at its facilities in Petten.

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