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World leader

We are the world leader in research and production of key ingredients for nuclear medicine.


With our partners we can play, create, innovate, experiment and celebrate development of new medical solutions.

R&D initiatives

We form a hub to drive R&D initiatives and supply chain efficiency in order to make new and existing therapies available globally.

About us


The world is changing and there is a growing demand for nuclear medicine, specifically in personalised cancer therapy. We want to pioneer medical solutions through Research & Development with scientific departments of university medical centres. And we want to make targeted radionuclide therapy globally available through partnerships with our customers. We provide access to unique nuclear facilities and infrastructures, which have been built up over the past decades by specialists in the field.


Our mission is to support the development of advanced treatments for life threatening diseases and make them available always. NRG is a global leader in the production of key ingredients for nuclear medicine. We are driven to inspire, innovate and grow. By doing this, we aim to give the best support to the development and supply of radio pharmaceuticals and nuclear medical devices. And we will safeguard their availability in the future.

The world is changing and we will play a role in that change, by Advancing Nuclear Medicine.

What else could we help you with?

  • Is your production & supply chain ready for further optimisation or do you want to upscale your production?

If that is the case, we can help you to increase your production volume. At the same time, together with you we will look into possibilities to optimise your production and logistical processes.

  • Do you experience limitations or boundaries that may disturb the development of your new nuclear medicine?

We can help you in developing your nuclear medicine or medical device, from the design of your production process to the supply of small batches for tests and research.

  • Is your medicine or medical device ready for production?

We can help you to increase your production volume. For example, starting with supply for several dozen of patients, to hundreds and finally supplying thousands of patients worldwide. And of course, we will help you set up the necessary logistical processes, essential for the transport of nuclear medicine.

  • Does your product-idea need academic research?

Take advantage of our worldwide network for pre-clinical and clinical research: research that is necessary in the process of developing any new medical product.

Nucleaire Infrastructuur FIELD-LAB

How do we do that?

22 July 2020

Recently, we have developed the world’s first fully automated synthesis module, for the synthesis of Pt-195m cisplatin and other platinum compounds

21 July 2020

A complex project has been brought to a successful conclusion: the development and installation of a production process for xenon-133 gas.

26 May 2020

In 2017, there was suddenly a worldwide shortage of iodine-125, used for brachytherapy for prostate cancer, because one of the large producers was temporarily shut down. McMaster & NRG joined forces for global supply.