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Largest irradiator of medical isotopes worldwide. 30,000 healings per day

Complete service, from raw material to waste management.

Unique logistics services, close to international airport.

Which isotopes do we produce?

NRG irradiates various materials for the production of medical isotopes. This forms the basis for nuclear medicine that can be used to diagnose diseases, or to treat them. 
Take a look at Sem and Sofie and find out which isotopes can be applied in different parts of the body or visit our product pages directly.


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  • The world’s largest irradiator of Mo-99 targets
  • Complete supply chain in one location
  • Production process using low enriched uranium
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  • Largest irradiator for lutetium-177 globally
  • Great solvability through controlled reactor circumstances
  • Predictable yield
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  • Yttrium-90 in high specific and most precise activity
  • Processing and production at one hour from Amsterdam airport
  • Great solvability through controlled reactor conditions
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  • Years of experience in iridium-192 production
  • Predictable, exact quality
  • Correct and safe infrastructure
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  • Entire production at one single location.
  • No additional transport required from the reactor; produced in parallel with molybdenum-99
  • Low enriched uranium based (LEU)
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  • Logistics department experienced in handling short lived isotopes.
  • Consulting for up-scaling of production.
  • On-site processing is possible.
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Why NRG:

NRG is the world’s largest irradiator of radio-isotopes. 30.000 patients profit from our products every day. We deliver many isotopes repeatedly; this page provides an overview of these isotopes.

That is not all, we are able to help you with:

  • The development of new products, both in the field of irradiation and the processing of products.
  • The increase of experimental production.
  • The initiation or improvement of your logistics process.
  • Creating a short line between research and commerce.

In short, NRG can assist you in all aspects of the production process for a new nuclear medicine.


We add value to radiopharmaceutical products:

Our wide range of services makes work easier for our customers. We can help you with:

  • Transport and logistics
  • The procurement of raw material
  • The processing of nuclear waste
Our products


Looking for another isotope?

In cooperation with several partners we work on the development of new isotopes. If you have a question regarding a product that is not mentioned on this website. For example Rhenium-186 & Erbium-169 do not hesitate to contact us and together we will search for a solution.

Our products