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About lutetium-177

Lutetium-177 is a radioisotope produced by NRG. Maybe you have come across this isotope in one of the many clinical trials that are being held at the moment. The outcomes of these trials are positive, and in the future, many patients can be treated with nuclear medicine based on Lu-177.


More information about Lutetium-177?

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Lutetium dotatate

The Erasmus MC has used radioisotopes for a longer period of time to visualize neuro-endocrine tumours (NETs). It also helped to determine whether there were metastases present in the body. Over time, a substance has been developed which could be used to treat the tumour as well. Lu-177 proved to be the appropriate radioisotope.

Since the year 2000, the effects of lutetium dotatate have been researched and in 2018 it has been approved and marketed as Lutathera. Despite its limited application for a rare disease, the use of this drug has caused an acceleration in the usage of nuclear medicine. NRG has a leading position in the production, and irradiates Lu-177 for a large number of radio pharmaceutical companies.

Which solutions offers lutetium-177?

An example of a promising treatment currently under investigation is lutetium-177-PSMA for treatment in patients with metastatic prostate cancer. Researchers are able to link a protein to the radioisotope, which will find a way to the tumour in the body. Once it reaches its destination, it will irradiate the tumour and destroy the cells. The radiation penetrates the soft tissue marginally only, which limits the damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Exciting new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in prostate cancer with PSMA

Lutetium production

Besides the clinical trials, in which the effects of lutetium-177 are being tested, there is an approved medicine containing this isotope on the market. NRG produces the base for this product. The material that comes from the reactor is processed into a radiochemical by NRG’s customers. As this will end up in the patient’s body, it is important that it is of high quality and meets all the requirements. NRG ensures that Lu-177 is produced using reliable methods and is of the best quality constantly.

The reactor in Petten is the worlds’ largest supplier of irradiation services for the production of Lu-177. The high availability of the reactor and the large capacity ensure regular delivery to our customers.

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