FIELD-LAB partner meeting great success

FIELD-LAB partner meeting great success

26 March 2024

To promote collaboration and to inspire one another, FIELD-LAB hosted a partner meeting on the 26th of March at the Veranda in Amstelveen. Delegates of all partners were present to inform their fellow participants about their projects and share their expertise.

More than 20 scientists and project managers from the different partners were present. During the day, all partners gave presentations on their current findings and their accomplishments within the projects of FIELD-LAB and their respective fields. Presentations included for example the Cisspect project, for which the involved partners from The Netherlands Cancer Institute and Amsterdam UMC, just finished the human pilot study. This project focuses on utilising radioactive cisplatin to select patients for Cisplatin chemotherapy in lung cancer treatment, as only approximately 10% of patients benefit from it.

Also, the teams involved in the development of the production processes of Lutetium-177 n.c.a. with custom designed equipment, and of the alpha-emitter Lead-212,  presented their findings and achieved milestones. Several discussions addressed current challenges in these projects with the goal to help each other to advance developments in the field of nuclear medicine.

And our partners at Warwick University and King’s College in London, Future Chemistry, Radboud University and Erasmus University brought everyone up to speed on their developments and challenges in the creation of new radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment.

At the end of the day all guests participated in a brainstorm session to discuss and identify potential future projects, and the possibilities to continue collaboration and to broaden the scope of FIELD-LAB further. The day was a great success, according to Karlijn van der Schilden, R&D manager medical isotopes at NRGlPALLAS. “It was wonderful to be inspired and to be able to address challenges in the development of nuclear medicine from different fields of expertise.”




FIELD LAB Partner Day


FIELD-LAB is a drug discovery facility to help speed up the development and market launch of new nuclear drugs for cancer treatment by working together with top academic and industrial partners. At the end of 2023, the construction of the FIELD-LAB GMP facility has been realised, which was celebrated  with our highly valued partners, customers and stakeholders. Several leading academic and industrial partners are involved in FIELD-LAB and its innovative projects in nuclear medicine.

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