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Kansen voor West has final discussion for FIELD-LAB project in Petten

24 April 2024

On Wednesday, April 24th, the final discussion for one of the largest Kansen voor West II projects took place: FIELD-LAB. Representing Kansen voor West, Jeroen Elzenaar, Ruud van Raak en Tessa de Boer visited Petten to meet with Karlijn van der Schilden, Paula van der Vlies, Angelique de Boer-l'Istelle en Vinod Ramnandanlal.

The Kansen voor West II project, named “Advancing Nuclear Medicine, Petten FIELD-LAB,” has resulted in a state-of-the-art GMP production facility. FIELD-LAB contributes to the acceleration of the development of new nuclear medicines. This facility is utilised for the production of promising radioactive materials for the preparation of innovative nuclear medications. FIELD-LAB also ensures the development of the necessary production processes.

Significant achievements so far include a sustainable concept of a production system for two promising so-called starting materials and base material for two new therapies for cancer treatment. A tracer is being developed to better select patients for chemotherapy. Additionally, a dozen feasibility studies have been initiated for the product development of industrial parties.

60 Opening Fieldlab


FIELD-LAB is a drug discovery facility to help speed up the development and market launch of new nuclear drugs for cancer treatment by working together with top academic and industrial partners. At the end of 2023, the construction of the FIELD-LAB GMP facility has been realised, which was celebrated  with our highly valued partners, customers and stakeholders. Several leading academic and industrial partners are involved in FIELD-LAB and its innovative projects in nuclear medicine.

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