Dutch Cancer Society visits NRG PALLAS in Petten

Dutch Cancer Society visits NRG PALLAS in Petten

09 July 2024

From left to right: Patrick Ooms (KWF), Els Boter (KWF), Dorine Manson (KWF), Vinod Ramnandanlal (NRG PALLAS), Carla van Gils (KWF), Ronald Schram (NRG PALLAS), Karlijn van der Schilden (NRG PALLAS)

PETTEN - On Friday, 31 May, members of Control management of the Dutch Cancer Society visited NRG PALLAS at the Energy & Health Campus in Petten. NRG PALLAS provided an explanation of their contribution to the development of new nuclear medicines and the role of the new FIELD-LAB in this process.  

FIELD-LAB is a drug discovery facility to help speed up the development and market launch of new nuclear drugs for cancer treatment. Within FIELD-LAB, partners are collaborating on making medical isotopes available for clinical research to support new cancer treatments.  

Nuclear medicine complex

Nuclear medicine is undeniably complex. There are numerous challenges, such as obtaining test batches of medical isotopes in both research grade and GMP quality. Additionally, since this field draws from various areas like physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacology, and engineering, cooperation is essential. Moreover, handling radioactive materials requires strict safety protocols to ensure the protection of both patients and medical professionals.  

FIELD-LAB helps partners obtain research batches of nuclear materials, both research grade and GMP quality, gives them access to essential nuclear research facilities and provides a network of leading medical and industrial professionals from different fields of expertise. 

High-quality care for everyone

The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding) is dedicated to fighting cancer through various initiatives. They focus on funding and supporting cancer research to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment methods. The Dutch Cancer Society collaborates with healthcare professionals, policymakers, and other organizations to influence cancer-related policies and ensure that high-quality care is accessible to everyone.  

More information?

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