NVNG Lustrum 2023

11th Lustrum NVNG

The Dutch Association for Nuclear Medicine (NVNG) aims to promote nuclear medicine and scientific education. Its members mainly come from the disciplines of medicine, pharmacy, physics and (radio)chemistry.

At their 11th Lustrum, NRG|PALLAS will give a presentation on ...

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FIELD-LAB is a drug discovery facility that will help you to speed up the development and market launch of new nuclear drugs for cancer treatment. Through supply of small batches of radio chemicals and radio pharmaceuticals, we meet the need of Bio Pharma scientists and start-up ventures for research materials. This will drive both their ambitions to develop a new drug.

Our current projects

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  • Medical isotope in high demand
  • Beta-emitter
  • Independent supply from in-house FIELD-LAB process
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  • High quality
  • Chemotherapeutic compound (cisplatin) with Pt-195m integrated by synthesis
  • For in-human use
  • Chemotherapeutic function unaltered
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  • Beta-emitter with limited recoil, and a single alpha emission in the decay chain
  • Ideal half-life (~10 hrs.)
  • Reliable supply
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Practical information

When:             Friday 15 December 2023 

Where:            Palace Hotel in Noordwijk (the Netherlands) 

If you wish to learn more about the speakers, the programme or registration, please check the NVNG website. 




We look forward to meet you in Noordwijk!

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