Nuclear Medicine Innovation: Synergy of competences

Nuclear Medicine Innovation: Synergy of competences

14 December 2020

During the Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit, James Nagarajah gave a presentation. This is an industry lead platform that discusses the challenges and opportunities of theranostic radio ligand therapies. Here he spoke about the challenges that can be faced during the development of a new radio pharmaceutical, and how these can be overcome by collaborating with suppliers, industry partners and medical institutes.

James Nagarajah is part of the medical advisory board of FIELD-LAB and performs research at Radboudumc. On thursday the 10th of december 2020, he spoke on behalf of both parties. An important topic he addressed is the essential access to materials and facilities required for research activities. In addition, he spoke about the role of FIELD-LAB, by means of a couple of practical examples.

Watch the full presentation:

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