FIELD-LAB facility to open its doors in December

FIELD-LAB facility to open its doors in December

02 August 2023

PETTEN - After many months of preparation and building, the new FIELD-LAB facility in Petten, the Netherlands, will open its doors on December 7th of this year. NRG|PALLAS has been working hard to realise the new drug discovery facility, that will help speed up the development and market launch of new nuclear drugs for cancer treatment by helping partners obtain research batches of nuclear materials, give them access to essential nuclear research facilities, help reach a peer clinical network and a renowned clinical audience.

With NRG’s history of almost sixty years, Advancing Nuclear Medicine has built a vast knowledge and experience base affording FIELD-LAB to think from the scientist’s perspective and identifying the challenges he or she faces at the earliest stage of new product ideas.

FIELD-LAB started its nuclear medicine research operations in 2018 with the start of the Cisspect-project, which researches if radioactive cisplatin (195mPlatinum radiolabeled cisplatin or [195mPt]cisplatin) can predict the effectiveness of the cancer drug cisplatin. This project is now in the final stages of the phase 1 trial. Other projects that are currently researched are the production and development of Pb-212 and Lu-177 n.c.a.

The new FIELD-LAB facility will be a valuable addition to the current nuclear infrastructure covering the complete route of nuclear medicine product development. From nuclear material generation in the High Flux Reactor to radiological laboratories for pre-clinical research, hot cell laboratories and small scale GMP radiopharmaceutical production for clinical trials.

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Watch our progress on the building so far

From initial blueprints to the final touches. Skilled architects, engineers, and construction workers have come together to bring this state-of-the-art facility to life. Years of hard work, collaboration, and ingenuity have gone into transforming this construction site into a cutting-edge hub of innovation. Want to see how it all came about? Watch the video.

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