33rd NKRV Workshop at NRGlPALLAS in Petten (NL)

33rd NKRV Workshop at NRGlPALLAS in Petten (NL)

09 February 2024

PETTEN, NETHERLANDS - Last week, we gladly hosted the 33rd NKRV workshop at our premises in Petten. 

The mission of this Dutch Society for Clinical Radiochemistry (NKRV) is to stimulate research and education in radio(pharmaceutical)chemistry as well as the application of radiopharmaceuticals in the clinic. With one of their pillars being two workshops organised every year.

We were delighted to welcome over 125 researchers, students, practitioners and industry representatives from around the country who shared their insights, experiences, and questions with each other. The latest advances and challenges in the field of radio(pharmaceutical)chemistry were explored through a variety of sessions, focusing on (radio)chemistry with isotopes like Carbon-11 and Lead-212/Actinium-225, as well as the important regulatory topic of Annex1 compliance.

Of course FIELD-LAB was presented, the brand new facility in Petten aiming at accelerating the  development of cancer treatments. Moreover, during the day tours of all facilities in Petten were organised for the visitors to get an impression of the unique nuclear medicine infrastructure in Petten: serving 30.000 patients worldwide daily.

Thank you NKRV for making the trip to Petten. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you again for future workshops!

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