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Advancing Nuclear Medicine – Pioneering Medical Solutions

Largest irradiator of medical isotopes worldwide. 30,000 healings per day

Complete service, from raw material to waste management.

Unique logistics services, close to international airport.

Directly to

  • The world’s largest irradiator of Mo-99 targets
  • Complete supply chain in one location
  • Production process using low enriched uranium
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  • Largest irradiator for lutetium-177 globally
  • Great solvability through controlled reactor circumstances
  • Predictable yield
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  • Yttrium-90 in high specific and most precise activity
  • Processing and production at one hour from Amsterdam airport
  • Great solvability through controlled reactor conditions
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  • Years of experience in iridium-192 production
  • Predictable, exact quality
  • Correct and safe infrastructure
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  • Entire production at one single location.
  • No additional transport required from the reactor; produced in parallel with molybdenum-99
  • Low enriched uranium based (LEU)
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  • Logistics department experienced in handling short lived isotopes.
  • Consulting for up-scaling of production.
  • On-site processing is possible.
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Why NRG:

NRG is the world’s largest irradiator of radio-isotopes. 30.000 patients profit from our products every day. We deliver many isotopes repeatedly; this page provides an overview of these isotopes.

That is not all, we are able to help you with:

  • The development of new products, both in the field of irradiation and the processing of products.
  • The increase of experimental production.
  • The initiation or improvement of your logistics process.
  • Creating a short line between research and commerce.

In short, NRG can assist you in all aspects of the production process for a new nuclear medicine.


We add value to radiopharmaceutical products:

Our wide range of services makes work easier for our customers. We can help you with:

  • Transport and logistics
  • The procurement of raw material
  • The processing of nuclear waste
Our products


Looking for another isotope?

In cooperation with several partners we work on the development of new isotopes. If you have a question regarding a product that is not mentioned on this website. For example Rhenium-186 & Erbium-169 do not hesitate to contact us and together we will search for a solution.

Our products