• Supports medical product development
  • Unique nuclear infrastructure
  • Supply of promising medical isotopes

Are you stuck in the process of developing a new nuclear medicine? We may be the right partner to help you out.


Preclinical TRL 1-5
Preclinical TRL 1-5
Laboratory and animal testing to answer safety questions.
Medical Research
Clinical TRL 6
Clinical TRL 6
Tests on safety and dosage.
Phase 1
Clinical TRL 7
Clinical TRL 7
Phase II: Tests on efficacy and side effects. Phase III: Confirming research: testing of final dosage on usability and effectiveness.
Phase 2
Registration & Upscaling
Registration & Upscaling
Phase III (Registration & upscaling): Registration and market launch of new nuclear drug.
Phase 3


FIELD-LAB is a drug discovery facility that will help you to speed up the development and market launch of new nuclear drugs for cancer treatment. Through supply of small batches of radio chemicals and radio pharmaceuticals, we meet the need of Bio Pharma scientists and start-up ventures for research materials. This will drive both their ambitions to develop a new drug.


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NRG ANM Brochure 2021

Nuclear infrastructure

FIELD-LAB is part of a unique and complete nuclear infrastructure.

  • High flux reactor
  • Radiological laboratories
  • Hot cell laboratories
  • GMP small scale production facility

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Nuclear Infrastructure


Currently, research is done on the production and development of various isotopes:

  • Pb-212
  • Pt-195m CISSPECT
  • Lu-177 n.c.a

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Projects we are proud of

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  • High in demand medical isotope
  • Bèta-radiator
  • Independent supply by FIELD-LAB
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  • High Quality
  • Chemotherapeutic drug (cisplatin) integrated with Pt-195m by synthesis
  • Chemotherapeutic function remains the same
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  • Single alpha emitting during decay
  • Ideal halflife (~10 hour)
  • Reliable supply
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Get to know FIELD-LAB

Learn more about FIELD-LAB and its importance. Discover our global network for pre-clinical and clinical research: research that is part of the development of every new medical product.

  • Supply of radiochemical solutions and radiopharmaceuticals to laboratories
  • Both research and GMP grade
  • Creation of radiochemical processes using innovative isotopes
  • Collaboration between academic and industrial partners
  • Portal to a fast-growing network with an open innovation culture

Our partners

FIELD-LAB is created for and together with partners from different backgrounds. Some of the finest Dutch UMC’s have committed themselves to be part of this initiative. They believe in the beneficial results that will be brought to the Nuclear Medicine society. In addition, the partnerships that arise from FIELD-LAB form a portal to a fast growing network, which results in an open innovation environment.

Partners we work with


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Karlijn van der Schilden

Karlijn Codee NRG

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Karlijn van der Schilden
R&D Manager Medical Isotopes
T. +31 224 56 8018

Sander de Groot


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Sander de Groot
Sr. Programme Manager Medical Isotope Development
T. +31 224 56 4338